21 pictures that will make you want to visit Lakshadweep

21 pictures that will make you want to visit Lakshadweep islands, India

“To unpathed waters, to undreamed shores”,  William Shakespeare aptly summarized the experience that Lakshadweep has to offer.

Powdery white  sandy beaches, pristine water, swaying palms, enchanting corals, lagoons of every shade of blue and an air of freedom is complemented by an atmosphere of sheer romance. Lakshadweep is the ultimate beach getaway in India!

For a minute, forget Bali and Thailand and look to our shores, just a few nautical miles from Kerala, lies an archipelago of 37 islands on the Arabian Sea, enchanting and mysterious in its beauty. One of the lesser known travel destinations, Lakshadweep is the perfect getaway if you want to relax, rekindle your romance and indulge in a bit of adventure. I’m sure after seeing these pictures; you would want to pack your bags! We’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Oldest residents of the island.

Island hopping anyone?

The best recliner in the world.

In a sea of people, my eyes will always look for you.

My favorite!

Too blue to be true!

Not all stars belong to the sky!

Stunning jewels of Lakshadweep.

Fifty shades of blue.

Sun kissed!

The golden hour.

All we need is palm trees and a little bit of paradise.

Every sunrise ushers in a feeling of hope.

Whats your catch from today’s catch?

Agatti boat jetty

First glimpse of Thinnakara islands

Clumsy mermaid.

Ocean view for two, please.

Don’t worry, beach happy!

Island life!

Hammock life!

Sea shells by the sea shore

Have we convinced you to visit Lakshadweep yet?We hope so!  Lakshadweep may not be easy to get to but it’s worth it. Next on the blog will be our Lakshadweep guide!

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  1. Karishma 12 months ago

    I can’t wait to go … been on my list since so long 🙂

  2. Karthik Murali 12 months ago

    Such beautiful pictures with even better captions.. haha
    Love it.. It looks as if there’s noone there except u guys 🙂
    Such unexplored islands all around.. do also write about ,getting there, airfare costs , hotel costs, trip cost etc
    it’ll be useful

  3. Arpita anand 12 months ago

    Your write up and pictures are just so perfect.. Loved each detailing.. Great to know ur this talent.. Keep it up..

  4. Mayuri Patel 12 months ago

    Its paradise paradise paradise
    tempted to visit

  5. Priyanka patwari 12 months ago


  6. Charu 12 months ago

    I can’t believe I have still not visited this beautiful place

  7. Rakhi Parsai 12 months ago

    Wow, such beautiful pictures and beautiful description of Lakshadweep Islands. Would love to visit this place soon.

  8. L steffy Manju 12 months ago

    Such a beautiful place… Lakhadweep is no less dan balli….n ur words are quite tempting as inhave neva been there… .

  9. Jiya B 12 months ago

    Wow is the word I am sure you guys had an amazing time at Lakshadweep Iland. It looks so mesmerinsing

  10. Jhilmil D Saha 12 months ago

    These pictures are so beautiful. I really feel like going there

  11. Snehalata jain 12 months ago

    U truly said it, I’m now Gonna visit lakshwadeep for sure in next Vacation

  12. PRERNA SINHA 12 months ago

    Such drooling images have got me cribbing to visit this place, will surely take a visit here whenever possible! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Minakshi bajpai 12 months ago

    Seems like paradise on earth. Beautiful and wonderful views. Specially the beach views are awesome. Wish to visit this place once in life.

  14. jhilmil 12 months ago

    OMG! You made me so jealous, lol. I just want to rush to lakshadweep islands and explore this serenity. The clisk of turtle was awesome.

  15. Nidhi KM 12 months ago

    This is minblowing! I want to be at Lakshadweep. Didn’t know it’s so beautiful!!

  16. Shubhada Bhide 12 months ago

    Wow you so beautiful shots, Lakshadweep islands is really worth visiting. Very beautiful and relaxing surroundings, I really love this place.

  17. Papri Ganguly 12 months ago

    I’m drooling over your photos. Thanks for this awesome virtual trip.

  18. Nisha Malik 12 months ago

    No doubt it’s one of the most favorite location of honeymooners. Your pictures say it all. Nice compilation.

  19. Deepika Verma 12 months ago

    OMG! So beautiful!! I definitely want to visit

  20. Varsh 12 months ago

    Absolutely stunning pictures! There is so much of beauty in India, if only we take time to explore.

  21. Roshni Parate 12 months ago

    Wow , Love these amazing captures. It is really so beautiful.

  22. Nandani Datta 12 months ago

    The pictures are so beautiful!! I really want to visit lakshwadeep islands

  23. Sheetal Dorby 12 months ago

    Omg you have shared such an alluring experience and pictures . I wanna go right away to this island

  24. Dipika 12 months ago

    I am in awe with the pristine beauty of this place. It is definitely on my bucket list.

  25. Vishal 10 months ago

    So beautiful!

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