An ancient city with a myriad of antiquities. Boulders add to the beauty of the city like Ferraro Rocher does to a chocolate cake. A UNESCO world heritage temple, lush green paddy fields, palm trees, chic and cozy cafes and coracle boat rides beckon! Here is a list of the top 12 things that we think you should do in this mystical place-

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Temples

At Hampi, heritage and pilgrimage enjoy a synergic bond like no other. Hampi was the ancient capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, an empire famous for dazzling architecture and rustic ambiance accentuating authenticity. There are various trails like Virupaksha, Vijaya Vittala Temple, Royal and Zenana enclosure. Hire a guide and time travel to one of India’s oldest settlement

The iconic stone Chariot at Vijayavittalla Temple

Lotus Mahal inside Zenana enclosure

Symmetrical beauty of Lotus Mahal

Clearly inspired from Bollywood

  1. Let the rocks rock your travel!

Imagine a city strewn with thousands of boulders, each with its own heritage and history. Fascinating right? A trip around Hampi helps you realize how the rocks help ameliorate the overall beauty of the town making it one of the most rustic places in the country.

Walk back in time…..amidst the boulders and ruins.

  1. Cycle around or rent a scooter

Ola? Uber? No! The best way to explore the town is by renting a cycle or scooter. Experience nostalgia as you cycle or scooter your way through the town. Take in all the old world charm that Hampi has to offer. There are numerous temples and ruins spread all over Hampi. Mark your own trails; stumble across some lesser known jewels of Hampi or just drive aimlessly around the paddy fields.

  1. Stay on the hippie island

Hippie, the island of huts, hammocks and happiness. Hippe Island is a tiny island across the Tungabhadra river. Ditch the five star hotels and stay in one of the huts with hammocks overlooking the paddy fields and boulders. The vibes in Hippie Island is infectious! Share travel stories with fellow travelers from around the world or just laze on a hammock and soak in the beauty of the boulder town.

  1. Take a coracle boat road on the Tungabhadra River

Coracle boat or Dongi is a bowl shaped boat made of locally sourced materials and rowed with one paddle. A coracle boat ride is an adventure in itself… marvel at the ruins of once a mighty empire. As the boatmen spin the boat you can feel the entire city revolving around you!

  1. Trek up to Anjanadri(monkey hill) or Mathanga hill for the most gorgeous sunsets and views of the city.

Sunsets and panaromic views of the city tend to reinvigorate a sense of tranquility and peace. Monkey hill is on Anegudi side and has newly built steps; it takes 565steps to reach the hill top. According to the Legend, Lord Hanuman was born here. The sunset point boasts the most gorgeous view of the city.

Alternatively, you can trek to Matanga hill. The steps are old and moderately difficult as you climb.600 odd steps and boulders to reach the vantage point.

If you are not up to trekking, walk up to the Hemakuta hill complex. Sit on one of the rocks and watch the sun go down.

Chasing sunsets!

  1. Café hoppin’

Eat at small, colorful cafes; you’ll be surprised to see the variety of cuisine they offer –from Italian to Israeli. The cafes in Hampi are colorful with graffiti painted walls and most of them have sit down seating. Soothe your aching muscles at Mango Tree after a tiring day of temple visits. They serve the best veg thali’s in town.

The stack of shoes and the que explain famous this place is!

The lip smacking veg thali

  1. Shop at Hampi Bazaar

The best shopping malls are the streets that sell authentic products. Hampi offers a wide range of jewellery, colorful shirts, harem pants and artifacts. It’s always a good idea to negotiate a price before you buy.

  1. Rock climbing

Are you one for adventure and adrenaline? Are you someone who likes challenge? Then Boulder climbing is what you need. It is very famous in Hampi especially across the Tungabhadra River. As you climb large rocks, your fingers and body will ache but the sweat is worth it as you will feel extremely accomplished at the end of it!

  1. Visit the Sanapur lake

 Sanpur Lake is a lesser explored part of Hampi. Placid blue waters surrounded by boulders,it offers spectacular views of rocky mountains. It on one side is the lush green paddy fields in the valley and on the other were these huge boulders just stacked on each other. Best time to visit this place is during sunset.

  1. Meet Lakshmi, the temple elephant and get her blessings

Lakshmi is the temple elephant, a majestic being that has become one with Hampi’s culture. You can see her bathing in the morning. If you visit the temple, give her a coin, and pat,she will give you her blessing.

  1. When in Hampi, try the wine made in Hampi.

French wine, yum right? Well, if you can’t go to France go to Hampi. KRSMA wines are made in Hampi, in one the finest vineyards in India. They are exquisite in taste and quality. Try their signature Cabernet Sauvignon and thank us later!

Have you been to Hampi? Do share your experiences in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.


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  1. Sthuthi 2 weeks ago


    I have recently been to Hampi as well. Missed doing a couple of things you mentioned in this post. However, we are planning another trip soon. I have blogged about my trip here: http://www.sthuthishetty.com/traveldairy/pampa-kshetrahampi-day2/ . Pleas do check out 🙂

  2. Amrita Sen 2 weeks ago

    This is a wonderful description of Hampi. I loved your photographs especially the last one. 🙂 Hampi is really a wonderful place. Just back from there and the memories are still fresh!!

  3. A 2 weeks ago

    Lovely post. Hampi was the first place where I solo traveled to.

  4. Ashlee 2 weeks ago

    Hampi is one of the places I really want to see on the UNESCO World Heritage List.. and this just makes me want to go more. It looks like it in such amazing condition – and those details.

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